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'sRehabilitationProjectForce.htm • Brainwashing & brain Regulate: Scientology exerts Manage around its associates through usual cult techniques, like although not limited to controlling facts about inside doctrine & criticism on the Business, seriously limiting social Call outside the cult, creating an “us towards them” mentality by villanizing a specific out-team (for Scientology, it’s psychiatrists), & claiming all These outdoors the cult are unenlightened. • Violent Kidnapping - Lisa McPherson was a Scientologist, was linked to a vehicle incident & resultantly became mentally unstable. She was kidnapped from your clinic by agents of Scientology, held towards her will, refused good psychiatric treatment & allowed to STARVE TO DEATH. Video: Web page: • Tragic Murder - A CBS “forty eight Hours” special on Jeremy Perkins, the mentally disturbed son of Scientologist parents who, as a result of Scientology doctrine of psychiatry, refused To place him to the anti-psychotic drugs that will have stabilized him & prevented him from killing his have mother. Video: CBS post: Resource(s): An outline of Scientology (in my very own words): ?... Is Scientology a cult? Indeed, & This is often why: ?... Scientology in relation to God, Jesus and Christianity: ?... This is how they promote their cult to Other people: aka Procedure Clambake Cult information and facts - Official site - ZER0 C00L ••AM••VT•• · 1 decade ago

Edwin was then the Corporation’s head and arrived to convey hi there. He was also Doing the job section-time in marketing and advertising at that point.

Think about it, a con person (or lady) seeks The boldness of their mark. The mark need to have confidence in them adequate to show in excess of their money. Commonly the con guy will have to devise elaborate schemes to acquire The arrogance, but within the RCS all 1 needs to do is pony up therefore you have instantaneous reliability.

The organisation has this to convey in its psychiatry FAQ (Here is the URL – I do not want to website link it so it is best to copy and paste it if you want to have a glance: ).

.. In 10 years and around one hundred fifty episodes of South Park, Isaac hardly ever experienced a challenge with the display creating enjoyable of Christians, Muslims, Mormons and Jews. He received a sudden case of religious sensitivity when it absolutely was his religion featured about the demonstrate. Obviously We're going to launch Isaac from his contract and we want him properly."[ninety two] Comedy Central cancelled the repeat at short see, choosing rather to screen two episodes showcasing Hayes. A spokesman claimed that "in gentle with the functions of previously this week, we wished to give Chef an acceptable tribute by airing two episodes he is most known for."[89] It did inevitably rebroadcast the episode on July 19, 2006.[88][ninety three] Stone and South Park co-creator Trey Parker felt that Comedy Central's house owners Viacom had cancelled the repeat due to future release in the Tom Cruise film Mission: Difficult III by Paramount, An additional Viacom company: "I only know what we were explained to, that folks concerned with MI3 needed the episode off the air and that's why Comedy Central had to do it. I do not know why else it will have been pulled."[ninety four]

Hubbard also determined that psychiatrists were an ancient evil that were a difficulty for billions of years. He Forged them within the part of aiding Xenu’s genocide seventy five million many years ago.

Scientology beliefs keep that Guy is basically fantastic and that his spiritual salvation is dependent on himself, his relationships with his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe.

How amazing can it be to have the ability to say what you think without acquiring an individual “Knowledge report” what you simply explained, costing you One more $50,000 in the next large amount of Sec Checks challenging your *LOYALTY* to administration, to David Miscavige, and tracking down your *EXTERNAL INFLUENCES*. After departure of Scientology Inc, one particular is much more relaxed in their human relationships.

" According to the film, when despatched to your RPF, people today would have to do hard labor for "thirty hrs on, 3 several hours off," consume table scraps and sleep on dirty, soaked mattresses.

I'm not ready to grasp all of their "weird beliefs", not being a Scientologist. But I do function in movie and I can inform you that a good deal of people be a part of up only for the Expert contacts. Foofa · four several years in the past 2

We drove in during the busiest part of Scientology’s 7 days, even so the parking ton seems to be unmaintained. The motor vehicles all gave the impression to be employees; neither of us saw anyone who seemed to be general public (parishioners).

Scientology's Core Beliefs 09 Jan 2001 Now for all you Scientologists setting up on going up the Bridge, I just want to give you a heads-up on what to hope. And, for that couple people that ever think about stepping into Scientology, I need to provide you with a brief watch of their cosmology. This story may be the core belief inside the religion referred to as Scientology. If the individuals Scientology tries to recruit knew about this story, I don't Consider they would ever get involved. This Tale is informed to Scientologists when they arrive at a greater leveI. If the people in Scientology for the lessen levels understood about this Tale, I scientology beliefs wiki do not Consider they would would stay about the Scientology hamster wheel. It is a street to complete one thing, although not liberty. seventy five million a long time back, there was an alien galactic ruler named Xenu who was answerable for 76 planets within our part of the galaxy, like our have planet Earth, whose identify At the moment was Teegeeack. All the planets Xenu managed were being over-populated by, on typical, 178 billion folks. Social troubles dictated that Xenu rid his sector on the galaxy of this overpopulation difficulty, so he produced a program. Xenu sent out Tax Audit demands to all these billions of folks. As each entered the audit centers for the income tax inspections, the people today were being seized, held down and injected with a combination of alcohol and glycol, and frozen. Then, all one.4 trillion of such frozen persons have been put into spaceships that appeared accurately like DC8 airplanes, other than the spaceships experienced rocket engines rather than propellers. Xenu's entire fleet of DC8-like spaceships then flew scientology beliefs for dummies to planet Earth, wherever the frozen men and women were dumped in and around volcanoes inside the Canary Islands and also the Hawaiian Islands. When Xenu's Air Pressure experienced concluded dumping the bodies in to the volcanoes, hydrogen bombs have been dropped in the volcanoes and also the frozen Room aliens have been ruined. However, Xenu's prepare associated establishing electronic traps in Teegeack's environment which ended up built to lure the souls or spirits from the useless House aliens. When the 1.4 trillion spirits were being being blown all around on the nuclear winds, the Digital traps labored like a appeal and captured many of the souls from the Digital, sticky fly-paper like traps. The spirits in the aliens were then taken to substantial multi-plex cinemas that Xenu had Earlier instructed his forces to make on Teegeack. In these Film theatres the spirits had to invest quite a few days observing Particular 3D movies, the goal of which was twofold: scientology beliefs about homosexuality 1) to implant into these spirits a Fake reality, i.e. the reality that WOGS know on Earth right now; and, two) to regulate these spirits for all eternity so that they could never cause trouble for Xenu Within this sector in the Galaxy. During these movies, a lot of Bogus pictures had been implanted into these spirits, which resulted while in the spirits believing in all the things which Handle mankind on Earth these days, which include religion.

Mainly because there is not any parking lot. It’s barely enough outside the house downtown Santa Ana that Furthermore, it gets no foot website traffic.

Each and every time I myself have sought to unravel finance or personnel in other techniques than Scientology I have dropped out. So I can let you know from encounter that Org solvency lies in additional Scientology, not patented conibs, or fund increasing Barbecues.

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